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What was I doing here again?

This common symptom around the menopause doesn’t really have a proper medical definition but everyone knows exactly what it means!

It is a symptom that has inspired many a meme creator!

Oestrogen has many effects on brain cells and it’s fluctuation and falling levels around the time of perimenopause and menopause may be implicated in the experience of brain fog – memory changes and difficulty in concentrating. This does not mean that you are headed for early dementia although it is probably worthwhile checking with your doctor if you are really concerned about your memory changes. 

Females are unfortunately more likely to experience dementia than males and many women fear this disease more than cancer. There is a small amount of research to indicate that taking oestrogen can reduce dementia although more needs to be done.

Some tips for negotiating your brain fog and looking after your brain health:
  • keep physically active

  • stay mentally active, challenge yourself

  • eat a healthy diet (containing healthy fats and low in processed carbohydrates and sugars)

  • treat problems associated with insulin resistance eg high blood pressure

  • use fall back strategies like writing lists.

This information is for general educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Please see your health professional for advice that is personalised to you.
Key Take Aways

Brain fog is not the beginning of Alzheimer’s

Healthy lifestyle is important for a healthy brain