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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you need contact us on [email protected]

You can chose to have a paper prescription posted to you by your viv doctor. You can get it dispensed at any pharmacy in Australia and then get further repeat prescriptions from your usual GP or make a follow-up visit with a viv doctor. For ongoing support from the viv medical team you will need to be a viv+ member.

There is a very small increased risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer if you use HRT. The risk is less than being overweight, drinking alcohol or being physically inactive and has not been seen in all research. This risk is mostly seen with old-style HRT and is thought to be even less with modern, body-identical HRT. Women need to balance the risks versus the benefits of using HRT as it applies to them individually. You can read more about HRT and breast cancer in the vault.


No. viv provides a private medical service and there is currently no medicare or health fund rebate.

Sometimes medications get lost, misplaced or ruined. We can arrange additional deliveries to be sent ahead of your usual schedule (typically with a minimum 2 months’ supply). Just contact us to arrange this.

Symptoms of menopause are due to changes in hormone levels. HRT is therefore the most effective, scientifically proven treatment for these symptoms. For women who can’t or prefer not to use HRT, there are other options but they are much less effective. HRT is a topic many women wish to explore and given viv is a medical service (and only doctors can issue prescriptions), our doctors discuss HRT a lot.

viv health is a virtual clinic and there is no location where you can see the doctor. Your viv doctor will recommend you see your GP or other healthcare professional if they think you need to.

Absolutely not. viv doctors consider your menopause stage, symptoms, health and preferences before creating a treatment plan with you. This may include advice on your hormones, lifestyle changes, supplements or prescription medications including HRT and non-hormonal medications. They may also recommend tests or refer you to another doctor such as your GP or other healthcare practitioners if they think this is best for you.


We don’t deliver medication without you first purchasing it. There is no obligation to continue to use viv to supply either medical services, support or medication.

viv works with a registered partner pharmacy to dispense and deliver prescription medication and supplements. viv receives a handling fee through this process.

No, as Viv doctors are only registered and insured to work within Australia and provide services for Australian residents home or abroad.

Viv doctors have a special interest in menopause and women’s medical wellbeing. They are registered in Australia and undergo ongoing professional learning about menopause.