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the viv story

viv health is a digital women’s health platform that aims to support Australian women live their best and healthiest lives. We deliver world-class telehealth services along with ongoing care and convenient home delivered treatment.

viv health is starting with perimenopause and menopause. For most of us, perimenopause sneaks up while we are unaware, with symptoms we weren’t expecting. The time has come for women to stop suffering in silence, to receive the right advice and care wherever they live.

At viv health we support women along the way as they manage their hormonal symptoms, optimise their health and face this next phase of their lives with optimism, confidence and vitality.

Informed by the latest research on hormone replacement therapy, supplements and lifestyle measures and following a detailed assessment, women receive a plan which is tailored to their unique menopause experience, health and personal preferences. If they are needed, prescriptions can be home delivered. Reliable and convenient!


We want Australian women to live their healthiest lives.
At viv we know this will make our families happier, our workplaces stronger and our communities better places to live in!


At viv we see a world where all Australian women can be supported across their health concerns – expertly, conveniently, affordably.


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