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Do you want you to feel your best self again? Full of energy and vitality?
At viv we are here to support you on your journey to medical wellbeing with our vitality services, starting with hormonal health.

viv specialises in all things women, especially menopause. Find out about all our vitality medical wellbeing services below.

hormonal health

Working to balance your hormones through perimenopause and menopause can help relieve disruptive symptoms and reduce health risks.


metabolic health

Eating well, moving often, getting good rest and managing our stress all work toward a heathy metabolism, regardless of your weight.

metabolic health



mental health

Prioritise your lifestyle and seek special help if you need it, to achieve your best mental health.

mental health


sexual + reproductive health

Sexual wellbeing is important at every stage in your life! Pregnancy can still occur in perimenpoause, even when your period is irrregular.

sexual + reproductive health

Backed by a team of doctors, viv has all the in-depth facts, vision, information and support that every woman needs to know to help all of us feel ourselves again. One-on-one virtual services mean viv listens to our specific needs and tailors support and treatments to help women rediscover our vitality.