Psychology and treatment options will be available at viv soon.

In the meantime menopause related psychological symptoms and conditions are discussed below.


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all about progesterone

  Progesterone is oestrogen’s partner in managing our important bodily processes. For various social, political…
Mental health

mental health

Mental health is “a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own…
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self-care without breaking the bank

Nurture your well-being every day   Self-care is a vital practice for midlife women, providing…
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sleep disturbance

Disrupted sleep is the second most bothersome symptom during the menopause. Lack of sleep has…
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Flushes, poor sleep and mood changes all contribute to feeling tired.   Feeling tired is…
Mental healthSymptoms

mood changes

Swinging hormones throws you into your second puberty - think PMS on steroids! All sorts…