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Menopause symptoms can often go unrecognised or be dismissed, even though they can be severe and have a big impact on quality of life, work and relationships.

Fortunately, there are safe and effective ways to manage these symptoms.  A viv assessment with our medical experts provides a detailed and personal plan for you, from HRT to supplements and lifestyle changes.

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You can choose to book

either a video or phone visit.

A detailed health form will be emailed for you to complete so the doctor can have a thorough understanding of your symptoms and general health.

be assessed

Your viv doctor will be experienced in helping women with menopause.

Together you will review your symptoms, health, options and preferences for treatment and formulate a personalised treatment plan which may include HRT, other prescription medications, supplements and lifestyle changes.

e-scripts and referrals if needed

  • a detailed summary of your treatment plan will be sent to you after your appointment

  • if any medications are suggested as part of your treatment plan then you will be supplied with an e-script, typically for the first 3 months to get started

  • most patients do not require investigations, but if you do then any referrals will also be supplied

  • if starting a new medication then your treatment plan will need to be reviewed, usually at 2-3 months

join our viv+ membership for the best in ongoing menopause care

  • Easy access to the viv medical team anytime

  • Free follow-up medical visits as needed

  • Simple prescription management

  • Ongoing symptom monitoring to optimise your treatment

  • Special events and benefits

  • viv+ membership

    $19.50 / month
  • viv+ annual membership

    $210.00 / year

meet the viv team

viv doctors are all experts in menopause and registered in Australia 

team viv

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