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a modern approach to menopause

Medical care via telehealth
Regular home delivered treatment
Ongoing support - your way

We all need help to navigate life’s many stages.
Especially when we lose some of our spark.


Women suffer with a rollercoaster of hormonal symptoms through perimenopause and menopause and don’t know where to get the right help. viv is here to guide and support you through all aspects of your menopausal health with personalised, evidence-informed treatment and compassion.

At viv, we know every woman is unique, so why should we settle for treatment that is not?

If you are confused by your symptoms and how to best manage them, you are not alone.

viv is more than a Telehealth clinic viv is here to walk beside you.

getting started

Its simple to manage your menopause with viv.

Information and care you can trust.

  • No more suffering in silence

  • No more being ignored

  • No more fear and doubts

  • No more waiting in clinics

  • No more chemist visits

  • No more running out of your medications

Book your visit

Be assessed

  • Book your visit

  • Complete your detailed online health form

  • Talk one-on-one by video or phone with your viv doctor

Be treated

  • Personalised plan based on your unique symptoms

  • May include prescriptions and lifestyle recommendations

  • Advice for what happens next

Be supported

  • Become a viv member by subscribing to one of our care plans

  • Regular home delivered treatments *

  • Ongoing support and monitoring to check your plan is working

  • Direct contact with the viv medical team anytime

* if prescribed

An excellent service which specialises in ensuring women are educated about
changing hormones and the impact on their bodies, and that they are also aware of
their options in managing things moving forward. Very personal. Very convenient.
Great follow-up.

KarenJuly 2023

Great communication, easy to speak to a professional, approachable and comfortable to chat to. Efficient organisation of medication.

AudreyJuly 2023

My video consult was on time, Dr Louise was really friendly yet informative, I felt a
whole lot better about my hormonal issues afterwards. What a great service for

KellyJune 2023

I felt understood for the first time during this really crazy menopause rollercoaster. Viv helped me a lot!

LucieMarch 2023

It was great to talk frankly to someone without feeling judged.

DonnaJune 2023

Dr Louise Tulloh and the team at Viv Health have been incredible in providing tailored
guidance and a treatment plan to help me navigate my way through this time of
transition. Dr Tulloh is thoughtful, caring and extremely knowledgeable. If you are
struggling or just need reassurance don't hesitate to use this wonderful resource.

PetaMarch 2023

Founded by doctors, viv combines expert medical care, the latest evidence and research to support your journey through perimenopause and menopause.

After a comprehensive online health form and one-on-one health assessment, your viv doctor creates a personalised treatment plan based on your unique symptoms, health situation and preferences.

Feel like yourself again.


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